(Singer/songwriting duo)
Based in Southport, England

BIG ASK has just dropped, released on the 25th of February 2022, this is a CD you really should be getting for you collection!

Formed in 2012, Brent Thorley and Ian Pakes make up this powerhouse of a duo from Southport in Lancashire, England.

With a catalogue of six albums, there is plenty for you to wrap your ears around, you may find yourself in the unenviable position of wanting to collect some of their limited edition releases on their very own Steep Hill label... and they know what it should mean when people say limited edition, with many of their albums having limited releases on the retro vinyl format, with only up to 100 copies made maximum... and the singles, well, you can just about forget about getting any of them unless you are willing to pay handsomely on the collectors market, as twenty is considered a big release!

BIG ASK (2022, CD and Ltd Ed of 20 cassettes)
FOUR HANDS, TWO VOICES (2018, CD and Ltd Ed of 100 vinyl)
STUCK IN A DAYDREAM (2018, CD and Ltd Ed of 75 vinyl)
ADVENTURE (2016, CD and Ltd Ed of 100 vinyl)
WHAT MADE HIM RUN (2015, CD and Ltd Ed of 100 vinyl)
SHE WAS JUST AN OPPORTUNIST (2013, CD only, released on BDI)


YOU COOL REACTIONS (2021, 7" single Ltd Ed of 10)
MINDCRAWL (2019, 7" single Ltd Ed of 10, cassette single Ltd Ed of 20)
SNOW UPON SNOW (2018, 7" single Ltd Ed of 10)
WHEN THE NAIL IS TESTED (2016, 7" single Ltd Ed of 15)
SING WALTER DE LA MARE (2013, CD EP Ltd Ed of 50, Extended CD EP 20 only)

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