We are a multi-faceted company that can boast great success within the industry.

Our goal is to never become a big corporate management company, with lots of offices and suits making decisions on other peoples behalf, people they neither know, understand or particularly care for.

Every artist we manage becomes one of our priorities, we want to catapult you to the stardom you want, if we can be that springboard to help, we have done our job.  We don't sign you into complicated contracts that stop you evolving, if you have gotten the attention of bigger and more well known management and promotions companies, we are happy to see our fledglings reach for the skies.

Because of our hands-on, face-to-face, let's be real and understand your dreams, we can mentor and manage, we can encourage and motivate, we can also provide all the promotions required through our promotions section.  If you are a signed act, promotions are part of the deal, but if you only want promoting because you have good management, it's all good. 


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