This is your journey and we want to work with you in the best way possible.  We offer simple and specially tailored management options best suited to your aspirations.

From guidance and motivation from a mentor through to full representation in the hopes of reaching your goals.

We can act as your booking agent in securing gigs and concerts, provide full promotional support, producers, studios, photographers, videographers, anything and everything else.

Once again, this is your journey, you tell us where you want to be, we will do what we can to help you to get there.

We do have only one very critical criteria for our clients... and that is, that you are talented, ambitious and are ready to embark on the journey. 

We are limited on the number of clients we can take on at any one time, as we take every clients future extremely seriously, as we invest our time, we want to believe in you and give you the service you deserve.

Singer/songwriter (folk/country sound)
Singer/songwriter (not specified)


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